Concertino VIDEO

Concertino Video Wedding Package - Chicago Wedding Videography

A quick, simple and affordable video wedding package


If you’re after Chicago wedding videography that’s quick, simple and affordable, Concertino’s the package for you! Wedding videographer does not need to be expensive in order to be good. One can still afford great wedding video without breaking the bank. Wedding videographer will professionally cover your wedding ceremony. Our Chicago wedding videographer will capture all your wedding wows: we love to produce wedding video of the brides in their wedding dresses and will surely pay his artistic attention to the details, like wedding bouquets.

That is the difference we try to make in Chicago wedding video.

Book us for our Concertino videography wedding package and count on great wedding video from ChicagoLand Wedding Videology - Chicago wedding videography specialists.

♦ Full coverage of both the pre-ceremony and the wedding itself.

♦ An experienced Chicago wedding videographer

♦ 1 wedding camera setup

♦ Standard sound.

Up to 4 hours of wedding videography filming on one location.

♦ One final wedding video on a wedding DVD, two copies.

Affordable for any wedding budget. Chicago wedding video: Concertino Video Wedding Package starts from $695.