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CHICAGO wedding

Chicago Wedding Video 2011

elizabeta first-dance garter-toss-katie
Inner beauty wedding video First Dance Wedding video Garter toss wedding party video
garter-toss-ket garter-toss-sally katie-wedding
 STRIPTEASE Garter toss wedding party video Great dance - Garter toss wedding party video Lakefront sunny day - Chicago wedding video
ket-wedding sally-wedding reception
 See this wedding move Lakefront Chicago wedding video  Great dance wedding party video

At Wedding Videology we cherish every part of your wedding day, from the excitement of the morning to the champagne and slow dances at the reception, and it shows in every wedding video we produce. We capture every second that counts, and each wedding movie and wedding party video is tailored to your exact specifications.

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Elizabetha wanted a wedding video that was elegant, understated and brimming with inner beauty – we did our best to give her the wedding movie of her dreams!

When it’s time for the first dance, no-one else matters but the bride and groom, and our discreet, unobtrusive wedding videographer shooting style gives the happy couple the space and privacy they need – as this wedding movie shows.

In order to produce great wedding video, Wedding Videology men attend weddings strictly as a wedding videographer: Our wedding videographers won’t try to catch the garter, but they will provide footage that captures all the joy and fun of the toss. Check out this funny Chicago wedding video to see the evidence!

Chicago Wedding Videographer sometimes shoots the real striptease! Real fun wedding movie. And you thought the stripper was only for bachelorette parties! Our Wedding Videographer was completely taken aback when the groove started this saucy routine! Great dance, great garter toss, just take a look at this wedding party video.

Chicago wedding videographer - continuous shooting under unforeseen circumstances: No-one was really sure what was going here (least of all the kid) but our wedding videographer went along with it anyway! Wedding party video: That's what we do, we produce wedding movies.

Lakefront sunny day wedding movie - Chicago wedding video: What could be more beautiful than a wedding by the lake? This idyllic setting was captured perfectly by our wedding video crew. Chicago wedding video looks better when sunny weather helps.

Wedding videographer used multiple cameras to cover all the angles. We captured the classic beauty of this church marriage in a stunning wedding video. Music can add to wedding movie so much. Many thanks WALT.

Smooth, captivating wedding movie - under the tent wedding party video In this smooth, captivating wedding movie montage we chart the course of Michelle’s wedding, from morning make-up to the wedding car getaway! Under the tent wedding party video turned so nice.

Wedding party video is all about fun! Funny wedding movie: The wedding day video’s meant to be serious, but the wedding party video is all about fun! Our wedding videographers are happy to see the fun as your reception unfolds and capture all the frivolity of the joyous guests! That is how we produce funny wedding movie.

Our favorite wedding movie project! Our wedding video crew loves shooting in locations that are steeped in history and style – Sally’s wedding was one of our favorite wedding movie projects!

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You are very welcome to browse our wedding video galleries, where one can find various wedding films: beautifull bride and her Chicago autumn wedding video, great video garter toss in a wedding party, first dance wedding movie, Lakefront Chicago wedding video, wedding video party under the tent. See this Great dance - Garter toss wedding party video, another Lakefront Chicago wedding video, great STRIPTEASE Garter toss wedding party video, and so many more.

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