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Chicago Wedding Videology will produce great Wedding Photo Video for you


Whether it’s a Chicago wedding video or Chicago wedding photography you’re after, Wedding Videology will dovetail with you to create a stylish, tailored solution. Our

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Chicagoland wedding photographers and our Chicago wedding videographers will guide you through the entire production process from planning to editing, while keeping creative control of your shoot. You just focus on getting married, and we’ll provide the Chicago wedding video or Chicago wedding photography you desire.

Each of our clients receives the following services:

Free Consultation - to find out the event and style you want us to cover, a Chicago wedding videographer from our team will contact you to arrange a consultation.

Style and tone - during the consultation our team will outline the styles we offer, and allow you to pick the one you want. If it’s wedding photography you need, you can choose between traditional posed formal portraits and a more natural, candid style, or select a combination of both; alternatively, if you want a classic Chicago wedding video, you can choose from documentary, interview, nostalgic and/or artistic shooting style.

Pre-event prep - before your big day, our photographer will scout the location, visit your venue to assess possible shooting angles, check the lighting and acoustic conditions, and formulate a plan for the wedding theme and the wedding backdrops.

Your wedding day - No-one wants the wedding photographer bossing everyone around on their special day; our experienced photographers and Chicago wedding videographers understand this, and will capture your key moments naturally and unobtrusively.

Whatever it takes - our Chicago wedding videographers and photographers offer full coverage at all your locations. We can send up to three staff members to complete the job, and will capture as many images as it takes –all the images will be taken as part of a tailored wedding pictures package.

Professional delivery – we edit each project meticulously, and send you the finished results in high resolution, professionally formatted files, preserved with a resolution of at least 10 megapixels. You are assured of professionally crafted wedding images and the utmost in printing compatibility and flexibility! If you want a Chicago wedding video with style and substance, choose Wedding Videology to be your Chicago wedding videographer.

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