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If you’re not sure what sort of wedding video you want, don’t worry - Rhapsodia videography wedding package covers all the bases! Read this carefully to see the way how Wedding Videology tells the story about your wedding day.

Wedding videographer will professionally cover your wedding ceremony and wedding party. Our videographer will make sure to capture all your wedding wows: we love to shoot wedding video of brides in their wedding dresses. Wedding videographer will surely pay his artistic attention to the details, like wedding bouquets, wedding decorations, your wedding cakes as well as the wedding cars… Our Chicago wedding videographers take variety of wedding shots, and never miss to take close-ups of the wedding cake toppers, etc.

That is the difference we try to make in Chicago wedding video.

Rhapsodia Videography Wedding Package provides the coverage from two wedding videographers and two wedding cameras, throughout the day.

  • Pre-ceremony and Ceremony full coverage.
  • Post ceremony coverage, including the first two hours of the wedding reception.
  • Up to total of six hours of footage, spread over two locations.
  • Standard sound.
  • Two wedding videographers recording the ceremony; a further operator stationed at reception.
  • Two final wedding videos on authored wedding DVDs - three copies of each.

Book ChicagoLand Wedding Videology for Rhapsodia videography wedding package and count on great wedding video from - Chicago wedding videography specialists.