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Few other Chicago wedding photographers, or movie specialists, can match our track record for customer satisfaction and personal recommendations – here’s what some of our happy clients have to say about our wedding videos and photo albums.

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I just have to say that both, my husband and me, are so happy how our video came up. It’s better than what we could possibly want.

We watched over and over again our Chicago wedding video, with same pleasant feeling. Some day I am going to be very proud to show our Chicago wedding video and pictures to our kids. Thank you so much for making our video so nice and delicate.

Martha and Chris

chicago newlyweds


Dear Videology,

Thank you for making this incredible video and great pics! It’s totally professional and very creative work.

You captured some moments that I didn’t even realize !

I am so pleased as the rest of my family too. Thanks again !


chicago bride
WOW! What can I say?

You really captured all the details that mean something to my wife and me.

We really appreciate what you have done for us in the wedding video. Thanks a lot.

Jeff and Dolly
chicago bride groom

My bride insisted that ‘we should hire professional’ to do our Chicago wedding video. I am so glad that we did. I just want to say that there is no comparison in the work that you guys did.

The sound and pictures are just great, and we are glad to have you filmed our wedding.

Best wishes from Mark



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… Above testimonials is what some of our clients wrote about the work we have done for them. As Chicago wedding photographers, we do care about your customer satisfaction and what our clients think about our Chicago wedding video·, as well as what they will say someday in their testimonial about our work. At the same time, we always advise our clients in advance to let us do our job, in order to make good video. Your job is just to get married. Thats easy, isn't it?

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